Mon - Fri     9 - 5:30                                                        10011 102 Ave

Sat      10 - 4                                                                      Peace River AB, T8S 1R7

Holiday Closures                                                              [email protected]

Closed on Stat Holidays

Please be aware we cannot start tests past a certain time

Monday to Friday - 4:30pm cutoff time

Saturday - 3pm cutoff time

To download the drivers guide, click here

Knowledge tests for Airbrakes and Safety Fitness Certificate - Complete the required courses beforehand and bring your ID and proof of class completion.

Knowledge tests for Class 3 and 4 - Requires having a class 5 licence non-GDL licence before eligible to write. Bring your Drivers Licence with you.

Knowledge tests for Class 1 and 2 - Requires MELT program and Airbrakes. See here for more information about the MELT program

Note: Class, 1, 2 and 4 requires Drivers Medicals and specific vision requirements! 

Ready to take your Learners Test?

In order for a child (14-17) to take their learners they must be/have

  • Be at least 14 years of age
  • Have their Canadian Birth Certificate or Canadian Passport (or Permanent Resident card or Study/Visitors permit) to prove Canada Legality
    • If they have a valid Alberta ID we do not need the birth certificate, passport, or PR card
  • Parental Consent form. This form will be filled out by the parent or legal guardian (bring court papers proving legal guardianship) the first time they come to write.
  • $17.00

After a parent fills out the parental consent form, the child no longer needs a parent to accompany them to write. They must remember to bring their birth certificate (or Alberta ID), the consent form and a method of payment every time.

If the person writing the test finds noise distracting, bring a set of headphones with an auxiliary cord plug in and request an oral test. This setting will have the questions and answers read out loud by a pre recorded voice. 

18 years or older

  • Valid Alberta ID card
  • If you do not have an Alberta ID we will need...
    •  Something proving you are legally allowed to be in Canada - PR Card, work/study/visitor permit, the new Indian Status Card, Birth Certificate, or Passport. They cannot be expired.
    • Proof of physical address (utility bill, rental agreement, bank statement). Proof of address cannot be a PO Box.

To download the drivers handbooks, click here